Solutions for secured document issuance

Global security is one of the most active topics of our time, and one of the key aspects is protecting the personal data. Smartcard technology has been recognized as the most appropriate technology for identity applications that meet security and mobility requirements. Electronic secured documents like ePassport, eDriving License or healthcare card are available with a very large family of memory available to securely load applications and data.

Smartware offers to national printers and system providers secured and versatile solutions to personalize electronic documents.

Enhanced security for personalization

Smartware secured personalization solutions consist of the combination of software and hardware enabling national printing company and governmental customers to personalize and issue any secure documents like ePassport, health care, eDriving license or identity cards. The UltraSmart™ technology allows to exchange between the database and the secure document encrypted data that cannot be used if intercepted.

All our contact and contactless solutions are available with this high-level of security.

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