Solutions for financial smartcard issuance

Make sure the personalization is optimized for each situation, provide complete and secured solutions around the globe, offer faster next-generation products is just a short list of what financial card issuers face every day.

Smartware personalization solutions offer to issuers an efficient and secure way to produce financial card, either contact, contactless, dual interface or NFC microSD.

Versatile personalization system

From prepaid card to NFC microSD, it requires multiple infrastructures and investments in upgrading or buying new machines but also the integration of new software for data handling and personalization.

All our products are based on proven UltraSmartâ„¢ technology that ensures upward compatibility with previous Smartware solutions already deployed. This way, for issuers and personalization bureaus that have already used Smartware products, it is easy and fast to switch to a newer product version or adding a new smartcard model.

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Enhanced security

SmartGear™, personalization environment engine, brings to financial smartcard issuers the perfect solution to securely create card batch to be produced while monitoring all quality and production performance.

Linked with our script language environment STPersoEngine, our complete issuance solution allows financial card producers to build up a complex personalization architecture including data server and secured connection to HSM.

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Control Quality Management

Multinational financial service companies such as Mastercard (via the CQM Requirments) or Visa require from financial card producer that, for each issued chip card or banking secure element, it has successfully completed a serie of tests including those related to chip card quality communication (eg. resonance frequency).

Smartware's testers adapted to personalization environments offer a complete coverage of required tests without sacrificing the overall performance as these testers also allow the pre-personalization of the chip cards.

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