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A full range of solution for smartcard production

The increase of chip card technologies (contact, SWP, contactless, dual interface, NFC microSD, M2M), the increase of chip card suppliers (ST Microelectronic, Infineon, Samsung, NXP), and the increase of manufacturing equipment providers (Datacard, Mühlbauer, NBS, Ruhlamat) is pushing card manufacturer to support all models of card and machines with the same level of performance and efficiency.

The Smartware's long-term relationship with silicon manufacturers and equipment providers is a guarantee that all our smartcard personalization solutions fulfill chip card manufacturing requirements in term of personalization speed, production yield and versatile communication interfaces.

Increase efficiency and attract more customer

Card manufacturers are constantly trying to optimize processes and production tools in order to make their business more profitable. Our solutions will help them to achieve this goal.

Smartware couplers are integrated into card producing equipment of leading manufacturers and qualified into smart card issuance systems of leading card manufacturers such as Gemalto, Oberthur and Giesecke & Devrient. Due to this, personalization bureaus can answer to more production requests that will deliver significant revenue opportunities.

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Scalable solutions

Card manufacturers are looking for chip card production products that make sure their personalization system is optimized for each situation, whether for small-scale batch or larger one, whether compatible with contact card or dual interface card.

The wide range of our products dedicated to smartcard personalization offers the production capacity to meet all volume requirements. All our couplers follow the “Pay for what you use” Smartware’s concept: Buy today one model of the equipment that answer your today needs and activate other functionalities later.

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Control Quality Management

Multinational financial service companies such as Mastercard or Visa require from financial card producer that, for each issued chip card or banking secure element, it has successfully completed a serie of tests including tests related to chip card quality communication.

Smartware's testers adapted to personalization environments offer a complete coverage of required tests without sacrificing the overall performance as these testers also allow the pre-personalization of the chip cards.

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