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Industrial solutions for machine manufacturers

Chip card and chip module equipment manufacturers are providing to their clients various systems ensuring availability and efficiency. Each element of their machine must meet a high level of excellence. Smartcard readers and testers must also respect this golden rule.

Since 1986, Smartware is working with silicon manufacturers and card producers to develop industrial products and a complete scope of service adapted to the specific needs of the market.

Optimized chip card personalization solutions

Card equipment manufacturers are looking for chip card personalization products that make sure their issuance system is optimized for each situation, whether for small-scale batch or larger one, and compatible with contact card or dual interface card.

The wide range of our products dedicated to smartcard personalization offers the production capacity to meet all volume requirements. All our couplers follow the “Pay for what you use” Smartware’s concept: Buy today one model of the equipment that answer your today needs and activate other functionalities later.

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Tailor-made solutions for chip card module

The module production needs cost effective solutions to pre-personalize a large amount of chips in the fastest way while high production yield is ensured. The module production also needs high-level chip testers adapted to the requirements of smartcards, in order to test individually each chip to protect production against defective component or manufacturing process deviation.

Smartware's readers and testers adapted to module production environments offer a complete coverage of required functionalities.

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