Module manufacturer

Cutting-edge solutions for module manufacturers

Since a number of years, card manufacturers ask to module manufacturers more and more pre-personalization services while ensuring the modules are complying with increasing requirements in term of quality and uniformity of electrical characteristics. Module manufacturers have become a key player in the smartcard production process.

Smartware has developed a complete open and configurable product range dedicated to the test and the personalization of chip card modules.

Tailor-made solutions

Looking for basic parametric testing product or advanced parametric testing complete solution? Need to just write a key or need to download a complete operating system? Searching for testers already integrated into major module production equipment?

The Smartware's long-term relationship with silicon manufacturers and module production equipment providers such as Mühlbauer, NBS, Ruhlamat is a guarantee that all our test and personalization solutions for modules are tailored for specifically fit to the needs of this particular market segment.

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