Solutions for M2M issuance

Since its launch, smartcard has remained a trusted part of the ecosystem. Nowadays, chip card has to meet the varied demands of an emerging world of connected devices, serving diverse ranges of business and consumer applications. M2M devices are used in harsh physical environments and require a soldered smartcard to be reliable and secured.

Smartware brings its long experience in smartcard personalization and its complete product portfolio to customer who needs to issue M2M secure element components. Based on several successful M2M personalization projects, our issuance solutions are available for every perso bureaus that wish to fulfill their customers' requests.

Expanding your business model

By expanding your product line with M2M personalization service, you will attract new customers while satisfying your existing clients.

All our M2M module personalization product are based on UltraSmart™ technology that ensure upward compatibility with previous Smartware solutions already deployed. This way, for issuers and personalization bureaus that have already used Smartware products, it is easy and fast to switch to this new smartcard model. Moreover, past Smartware solution integrations including couplers and personalization environment into existing M2M module producing equipment, will allow you to move to this market with confidence and security.

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