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Manufacturing, monitoring and data collection

Since 1986, Smartware with first SPMWin and now SmartGear™ has led the way in real-time production monitoring dedicated to smartcard business. Developed and customized in partnership with major equipment manufacturers, SmartGear™ is a powerful issuance environment engine that answer to all production requirements.
SmartGear™ is designed to drive various high-volume industrial personalization equipments as well as desktop machines. With the SDK, its open and flexible software architecture can be customized for the best integration in existing production or data flow.

Project, Job, Production

In-line production system with a wheel or an elevator, parallel production system dedicated to module handler or full asynchronous pick-and-place system, each SmartGear™ project allows to describe the hardware configuration of the issuance system with, for each station, its operation specificity.

SmartGear™ is able to manage different jobs facilitating the production of different kind of batches thanks to indicators like number card to produce, card remaining, etc.

Start, stop, pause, abort, empty machine is a short list of production commands available under the production view of SmartGear™. This view displays also instant and average throughput, bad card counters and last error code for each station.

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