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The US-CLT 3

    A Major Breakthrough in Contactless Card Technology

    SmartWare is thrilled to introduce the US-CLT3, a groundbreaking product that pushes the boundaries of contactless card technology. Designed to meet the needs of card manufacturers, the US-CLT3 offers advanced features for electrical testing and personalization of contactless cards, ensuring exceptional performance, reliability, and flexibility.

    With the US-CLT3, contactless card manufacturers can test and personalize a wide range of cards, regardless of the chip manufacturer or antenna technology used. The US-CLT3 supports multiple protocols, including ISO/IEC 14443, MasterCard PayPass, Sony FeliCa™, NXP MIFARE™ and MIFARE Plus™, ISO/IEC 15693, as well as proprietary protocols.

    One of the key features of the US-CLT3 is its ability to program various parameters, offering maximum flexibility to contactless card manufacturers. They can adjust the RF output level, RF modulation index, RF modulation rise and fall times, and communication speed of up to 3.4 Mbps. These programmable parameters allow optimizing the performance of contactless cards based on the specific requirements of each application.

    The US-CLT3 also offers advanced hardware functionalities. It features two input/output channels or one input/output channel and a probe input, providing great flexibility in configurations. Additionally, with its GPIO, the US-CLT3 can drive external equipment, enabling seamless integration with other systems.

    In terms of electrical testing, the US-CLT3 stands out with its versatility. It allows capacitance measurement of contactless modules, inductance measurement of PICC antennas, resonance frequency and quality factor measurement, as well as DC parametric tests of contactless modules. These advanced testing capabilities ensure the quality and performance of produced contactless cards.

    Compared to its predecessor, the US-CLT v2r00, the US-CLT3 brings several significant improvements. It offers simplified mechanical integration with two interfaces per board, reducing the physical space required in machines and racks. Furthermore, the US-CLT3 features a 4-quadrant VNA (Vector Network Analyzer), supporting various cable lengths for capacitance or inductance measurements. The fully multiplexed interfaces allow connecting each interface to two antennas, facilitating the management of different configurations, such as Coil-on-Module plates for passports or products with two chips.

    The US-CLT3 assemblies:

    To further enhance usability and efficiency, SmartWare offers US-CLT3 assemblies:

    • US-1TP: Includes 1 contactless head.
    • US-2TP: Includes 2 contactless heads.
    • US-4TP: Includes 4 contactless heads.

    These assemblies feature the US-CLT3 daughterboards combined with the powerful US-Core v5 motherboard, providing a comprehensive and integrated solution.

    With the US-CLT3 and its versatile assemblies, SmartWare continues to push the boundaries of contactless technology, offering unprecedented opportunities for contactless card manufacturers to achieve outstanding performance, reliability, and customization.