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Welcome to Smartware

Your trusted partner in the smartcard industry. Since 1986, Smartware has emerged as a prominent player in the field of personalization and testing of contact and contactless secure elements such as smartcards, NFC microSD, and M2M devices. With a steadfast commitment, Smartware stands alongside industry leaders in smartcard production and equipment manufacturing, supporting them in addressing their technological, industrial, and geographical needs.

For over three decades, Smartware has been at the forefront of innovation, continuously evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of the smartcard industry. Our collaborative approach enables us to tailor our solutions to the unique requirements of our clients, delivering seamless integration, enhanced performance, and unmatched customer satisfaction.

Our Commitments

Increased Performance

Boost your Production and Increase your yields

Modular Solutions

Cover all Various Models and Technology

Scalable Equipment

Ready for Memory Capacity Increase of your Secure Elements

Enhanced Security

Preserve the Security of sensitive Data

Investment Protection

Rationnalize Equipment, Tools and Human Ressources

Stéphane Medioni

Stéphane MEDIONI

Managing Director and Founder of Smartware

Managing Director and founder of Smartware, Stéphane works with passion for the smartcard industry since 1986 with a successful proven track record in Product creation, IT process automation and Team bulding.

Areas of Excellence

Marketing Engineering

Several forces are transforming the structure and content of the smartcard market. On one side, new technologies bring
end-user behaviour changes. People want more mobility, more power, and also more security. On the other side, smartcard producers and equipment manufacturers are facing intense challenges: mobile applications requiring chip cards with more memory and more power, faster issuance of smartcard, global price pressures without sacrificing quality.

Product Integration

More smart card models, more production equipment, more specific personalization environment can be an obstacle for the start of a project. With many years of experience in specific customer projects, plus first rate assistance from our experts, Smartware has created a team dedicated to customer project. The Field Application Engineers (FAE) team is focused on enabling successful business for customers or partners using Smartware’s products.

More than 3 billion cards / year
produced and tested with 70,000+
Smartware couplers

More than 37 years of expertise in smartcard production and personalization environnement

More than 100 companies, from chip card to equipment manufacturers and tools suppliers to distributors trust Smartware

Research and Development

Smartware is continuously developing new products to better respond to the increasingly demanding requirements of our customers. The R&D team is composed of system architects, engineers and technical experts, all skilled in contact card(ISO/IEC 7816, SWP, Memory Card, USB, SD) and
contactless card (ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC 15693, Mifare+, FeliCa). We are member of AFNOR working groups (the French national organization for standardization) for contact card and contactless card and also member of the SD Association which develops and publishes technical standards
for SD Card technology. Our support team stands for customer dedication, specific treatment of each request, and quick solving problem. Our support team includes highly skilled, well-trained technicians who are extremely familiar with Smartware equipment and software. They can leverage their experience with other environments to help ensure your system runs perfectly.

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91940, Les Ulis

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