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Complete Services for Smartcard Solutions

Go beyond smartcard solutions by offering an extensive array of services. Our tailored services cover the entire lifecycle of your smart card projects, from initial ideation and design to seamless production, rigorous testing, and ongoing support. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and deep industry expertise, we ensure that your smart card initiatives are not only successful but also optimized for efficiency and upheld to the highest quality standards.

Expertise in Smartcard Production

Abnormal rejection rate, personalization performance lower than expected, interoperability issues is just a short list of what you could face.
Expertise services in of smartcard production assists our customers in identifying specific issues that they must resolve during the development of their product or during a mass production. Smartware’s experts will analyze the smartcard and the production equipment and will provide a detailed report and recommendations.

On-site integration

On-site installation service of your Smartware equipment will ensure a smooth and rapid integration of your new system. By allowing Smartware to provide installation, you can reduce the time required to get your system running while making more efficient use of the time of your employees.
Combined with a first-level maintenance training, this service will ensure a fine-tune of the system and will help to achieve uptime objectives.

SMA and Support

During the first 12 months of warranty of your product and during the term of the Software Maintenance Agreement, Smartware agrees to provide software maintenance and support services. SMAs ensure that you are working with the most robust version of software packages and that you will get new features and latest improvements.A valid Software Maintenance Agreement also guarantees you access to our technical support for efficient and fast response from our team of experts.


Maximize your infrastructure investments by ensuring that your developers and operators have the expertise required to manage and monitor your equipments. Smartware’s specialists deliver in-house and on-site courses as well as customized courses for your organization’s specific needs. We can provide a wide range of training in various areas: ISO/IEC  Contact protocol, ISO/IEC   protocol SD, SWP protocols, UltraSmart architecture and 1st level reader maintenance Development of applications for Smartware reader (remote, embedded, and script)SmartGear and STPersoEngine

Custom development

We have been developing custom applications and systems throughout our history to a wide range of clients all around the world. We offer a variety of custom development services, from new antenna design to manufacturing of a complete personalization system, that offer the flexibility and stability to satisfy your unique business needs.

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